Wandering through the rocks


When it comes to history, Karnataka is no less in flaunting its rich historical sites. To get some exposure towards the history of India especially Karnataka, I decided to go on a budget trip over a weekend. I was very much interested in exploring the history of chalukyas and the royal Vijayanagara empire. After some research online , I decided to visit the historical places laid in northern parts of Karnataka where every stone has a story 🙂 . Let me give you every detail about my trip.

The places we decided to visit was Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole and Hampi. Thus, I started my journey from Yeshwantpur Railway Station in Bengaluru. We boarded onto the Golgumbaz express by evening 07:15pm and we reached Badami station next day by 07:45am. Badami is majorly filled with rocky hillocks and is a very small town. Outside the Badami station, there were lots of Autorickshaw drivers who were waiting for arrival of the passengers. We boarded into an Auto and asked the auto driver to plan our itinerary for the day as we had to reach Hospet by night. The auto driver really gave us an amazing plan which made our trip a tension-free escapade. As we had just 2 days in hand and we were traveling on our own, every short route mattered and every time was being counted.

We later checked into a hotel for a couple of hours for just bathing, got ready and checked out of the hotel. We later had our breakfast in a nearby hotel as none of us were actually hungry. P.S. : In case you have a good appetite do try the ‘Khanavalis‘ over there which serves the authentic local food. We dumped all our luggage in the Auto, which was a huge one with baby seats in the backside. We started our sight-seeing with Badami Caves, Badami Fort and by 12pm we headed to the famous Banashankari Temple, where we also had the lunch. About a 30 minutes drive later, we reached Pattadakal. Again a 30 minutes drive from Pattadakal we visited Aihole. Around 04:30pm we left Aihole and our driver took us to a place called Amingad. We tasted the famous ‘Karadantu‘ (a dry-fruit dessert) and bid goodbye to the auto wala.

We got into a KSRTC bus in Amingad which took us to a place called as Ilkal. From Ilkal, we got into another KSRTC bus whose destination was Hospet. We reached Hospet by 08:30pm and found a good room for ourselves and put an end for the day.

Hospet is a huge town in Bellary district and is the closest town to Hampi. The next day morning we started off by 9am after having our breakfast in Hospet. We hired an auto again to tour the ruins of Hampi. Hampi is also filled with lots of hillocks with tiny rocks. We visited all the ruins of Hampi in the Auto itself and we were done by afternoon 3pm. Hampi is a village where u can hire bicycles, two- wheelers for roaming around. We came back to our rooms at Hospet later and relaxed for the day. We had our Train at 9:15pm from Hospet Railway station, Hampi express.I call this as a budget trip because we spent really less and you can have this on your list for pocket-friendly ones. Also, it is necessary to have Cash in hands when you travel as ATM/Paytm or any digital transactions are barely found at few places. Thus, after exploring through the historical sites for 2days, the next morning I was back in my city, Bengaluru carrying tons of moments and memories.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-15 at 13.31.33
WhatsApp Image 2017-03-15 at 13.39.03

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