Girls voyage in the monsoon

View of western ghats from the train

Rewinding my life back to almost four years ago, when I was in 1st year of engineering. I had a group of close friends consisting of four girls including me by then. To add to the excitement of the teenage or be it with the beginning of college life, we had named our group as Sizzlers (hahaha this might seem funny) but we were crazy indeed. So, in the second half of the second semester we felt like we need a break and we started planning for ‘The Trip’. Initially we decided to go to Karwar but later the plans got changed and we clinched to Mangaluru (Mangalore) in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. Mangaluru because it is my native ,I have lots of love and emotions for that city and probably the safest plan for attaining parents permission for the trip.

In the month of June usually we used to have our semester exams and July was our vacation time. Our exams used to last for a whole month as we were part of the most famous university in Karnataka VTU and dragging exams for a month is VTU’s tradition. So, our study holidays and exam times were also meant for all sorts of planning for the jaunt. On the last day of the exam, we finished our papers and headed directly to the railway station to book our train tickets to mangaluru. After a couple of hours and then again after another couple of hours, the spoilsport rain started to open its mask. During that time, just turn on the television and watch any news channels, the only information we could get was floods ,floods ,floods, floods…everywhere in and around mangaluru. Roads have been completely water logged and blocked, transportation has been cut in various places, huge unconventional rainfall…blah blah blah…. these were the sort of over plugged information that was popping out from every possible corners of the world. Still, we manages to convince our parents and firmly made up our minds to enter into the monsoon adventure in the coastal area of Karnataka.

We boarded the train from yeshwantpur railway station early in the morning around 7:45am. We girls were having a normal travel gossipping, clicking pictures until we reached Sakleshpur. Western Ghats was all set to welcome us with its lush green peaks covered with floating mass of clouds and mist. The journey was breathtaking. It was an alternate view of misty peaks in the top and full swing fresh water streams flowing in the bottom. We got involved into the nature’s monsoon attire and started writing poems as well. When the train used to pass in tunnells, we screamed until our vocal chords frazzled. After the wonderful journey, we reached mangaluru and headed to my aunts place for the stay.

Next day, early in the morning we left to Hanuman Gundi waterfalls which is in Kudremukh forest, played in the fresh monsoon water, got completely drenched under the shower and then we moved to Karkala. We visited the Bahubali hills and chilled out over there at the hill top. Such a peaceful evening it was, total bliss. Due to heavy showers in the area, we slipped a lot while walking and even had a fun fall at certain places. My friends were waiting to hit the beach and bathe in the saline water, so the next day we hit the Panambur Beach in Mangalore. A best friend of mine from mangalore also joined us as well. We had our perfect girl time in the beach. We had to head back to my granny’s place in Kerala that evening, but we were completely wet playing in the sea and getting wet in the rain simultaneoulsy. We were sort of late in reaching mangalore and to add more pinch of tension, there was a bus strike in kerala. So, we had to take a different route. We were looking like some hippies on that evening for our looks, body language and some sand stuck into our skin as well (hahahaha). After such a tiring journey, we reached my granny’s place and dozed off.

Next day,  we had relaxing time roaming around the farms of my grandpa and he took us to nearby streams as well. As the downpour was heavy, everything was looking so fresh and green. All we could see was just water everywhere, like literally. Later in the evening we visited a temple called as Anantapura in Kerala known for the sole living crocodile. Then, the next day we were feasting over jackfruits at my granny’s ,the second half of the day was at the Bekal Fort, Kerala and again a local beach on the way. The next day we left my granny’s and left to mangaluru.

As this was the last day of our trip, I took my friends to Sulthan Battery Beach and we partied over there for the whole day. The weather was just so perfect. As the tides were high, getting into waters was abandoned, but still we made a way and soaked ourselves in the salty waters of the Arabian Sea. To add more into our excitement, the sky was pouring down in intervals.

Sulthan Battery Beach, Mangaluru

As the sun hidden behind the clouds declined down the horizon for the day, we left the beach and explored the city of Mangaluru. Late in the night we left Mangaluru signing off our monsoon vagabond. Since this trip, I have become a die hard fan of monsoon and taking trips in monsoon has been my year goals.


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