Revisiting the Shopping Hub of Bengaluru

Commercial Street

Shopping is fantasized by majority of women around the world. No matter you claim yourself to be a shopaholic or not, at some point everyone do go for shopping to refresh the wardrobe. In the present era, we have everything right in our hands; internet and the highly evolved online shopping has made life easy for us. Basically, since two years I am too much into online shopping. Living in Bengaluru, I used to fancy those goods available outside. It’s been almost two years I did not step into our own shopping hub, the Commercial Street in Bengaluru. It so happened that one of my friends wanted to go on shopping to Commercial Street. So, I accompanied her on a Sunday.

I started off from the starting point near Soch. The whole street was looking so colorful. After visiting this street after such a long time, I started feeling refreshed when I began exploring the area. The collections were so amazing that I ended up shopping for myself. I actually found too many good stuffs that even shortlisting on what to buy was difficult for me.

I got into a very narrow lane next to Anand sweets. Oh my god !!! my eyes got wonderstruck. Tops, kurtis, bangles, earrings, bags, clutches, sandals and what not! were popping out everywhere, literally in every sight of my eye. This particular lane is too narrow for more than 3 people to walk in a row. What you get here is one of the best in the street. The more I went on exploring the lanes, the more I got exposed to the Indian fashion. We Indians love wearing western outfits but at the same time our love for Indian wear doesn’t leave us. We turn on our creative minds, mix up ideas and come up with Indo-western trends. I got awestruck looking at the types of clothing and there were innumerable ideas running in my mind like which category do I try, which dress might look good etc. Coming to the accessories, you will love being an Indian for those beautiful jhumkas, bangles. Watching them decked up in a stack looked pretty.

Indian ethnic earrings


After indulging for a couple of hours in shopping, stomach starts craving for some food. This street has a lot of options for food but Konark remains my ultimate favorite. After a tedious time of shopping down the sun, a happy lunch was a must. Man chow soup and Paneer fried rice at this place are my all time favorite. After making my tummy happy, reloading my energy I could get back into the street and have a look at all the bright little-big things out there. You can also slurp on lemon soda drink or Ice gola and roam around.

The best part about this street is that you get everything here. There are outlets from various brands to choose depending on your choice. What surprised me are the non-branded clothes. They were so bright, colorful and beautiful as well, at a very economical price. You can shop in this street with a budget and get really impressing clothes only if you are talented in choosing the best from the rest. From Indian outfits in Ibrahim street to western outfits all over the commercial, there is a huge variety of clothing lined up everywhere.The whole area is decorated with glittering  accessories, that drags your attention towards it. Apart from this, what caught my eyes were those wide range of footwear by the side of the lanes.

Tops from Commercial Street at a very low price


Though I did not buy a lot of items, strolling through the road and every tiny lanes adjacent to it was simply amazing. I felt like I got something back which I had lost. Online shopping is great but it is virtual. Going out to the street, checking out those tiny shops, I could get hands on the running trend. Those earrings, neckpieces and many other accessories in a bunch on display were such an appealing sight. Exploring those narrow lanes packed with clothes, accessories and footwear was exemplary. Adding more to it, the street would have seemed dead without the crowd. With the dense crowd around, I found enthusiasm in  the people. The street has a charm of its own. A lane which is one stop for all the essentials.

While leaving my home to visit this street, I had no clue that I will end up having such a happy day. But, it is the magic of this street that attracts you by its glamour. Looking at so many options available, this street promises shopping delights to anyone. You can start from 100’s and go on until thousands. Having shopping plans in mind, before you open your shopping apps, give a day or some hours to yourself, go out into the shopping streets and explore, otherwise you will never know what is happening in the market. Feel the fabric, the metals, the glitters of the accessories, have a look on the quality and then buy it. Trust me, this can be a stressbuster as well as a day out for you.


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