Cherry blossom of Garden City

Every year, as the winter arrives the earth jumps into air-conditioned mode. Later as the winter departs, leaves shed off from the trees, rustle with the cold waves. As the outgoing cold waves get amalgamated with the incoming warm waves, the spring arrives. The trees adorn with the fresh leaves, the pollination accelerates and then there is huge bloom 🙂

The tress of the world welcome the spring blossoming with bright hues. As far as spring is considered, Japan takes hands-down pride in flaunting its cherry blossom. Yet, I feel every portion of the world has a polychromatic bloom as well. Whenever I head out in spring, all that seeks the time of my eyes are the trees filled with flowers or baby mangoes hanging from the tress in Bengaluru. These days, when I go out roaming, I had a ravishing view of the flowers blooming in the city.

The city is embellished with various hues of pink. Be it Cubbon park, Sankey road, Domlur, Old Airport Road, Rajajinagar, palace road (Places where I have been) etc are all amplifying the aura of the city with the pink blossom. The trees are completely covered with pink flowers which looks like cotton candy stuck here-and-there in the city. I wish I could gaze at the bloom forever. This cherry blossom look-alike gives justice to the title that Bengaluru holds as the Garden City of India. Even though the smoldering summer takes a head-start in the city with the mercury levels rising up to the extremes, the pinky patches all around the city makes your move worth of getting out into the streets.

Sankey road
Somewhere in Rajajinagar
Sankey Road


Taking a thought out of the box, Bengaluru is known for its growing economy and the expanding dimensions of the city. As a result, various news get circulated which involves cutting down of trees to build a flyover, buildings, roads etc. I just hope the trees of Bengaluru stay strong on ground and gleam as the sumptuous jewels of the city. This city without the cherry blossom of the lush flora is like a kingdom without a plush palace.

Save our trees, save the Planet.

P.S. : The images are taken in a basic cellphone camera and thus lacks high definition.


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