Dainty Diet

On a weekend, I had a relative’s ceremony to attend in my native. Well, my native is spread over the Dakshina Kannada District (Mangalore) of Karnataka and parts of Kasaragod district of Kerala.  As the event was being held close to my maternal grandparent’s place, I decided to go directly to my granny’s and then attend the ceremony. My granny’s house is surrounded by lush plantations and the local vegetation in all the directions.


I stepped myself out to have a look on the cultivated nature and it was merely ten steps on my feet, something stopped me. My eyes were witnessing the  12feet high tree that was filled with juicy water apples (also called as Java apple). For a moment, I felt like skipping the event and drool over the luscious fruit. Yet, controlling my taste buds for a wait of few hours I left to the event. The moment I got back, I made a place for myself right under the tree, sat there waiting for the fruit to fall into my hands (Laughs). There were few fully ripened ones at the height where I could reach out; thus by leaning my body in various postures possible I got hold of the twigs of the tree, bent them a bit and plucked the scrumptious delight. Later my uncle plucked a huge number of fruits using his farm skills and we had hundreds of water apples to nosh.

Just plucked water apples

Those greenish-white water apples were so tender, mouthwatering, juicy, perfectly ripened moreover it was fresh and handpicked directly from the lush trees of the vegetation. Drooling over this succulent fruit during summer definitely made me forget the beating heat around. Having forever cravings for this delectable fruit, visiting my granny’s during the right season of water apples made me feel lucky. Enjoying on every bite of it, sitting under the tree surrounded by lush greenery around was worth going all the way from Bengaluru to my native just for a day.

Water apples hanging in the tree
Water apples 

Fruit details :

  • Binomial Nomenclature : syzygium samarangense
  • Local Names: Water apple, Java apple, Malay Rose Apple, Jambu Nerale (Kannada)
  • Colors: White, Pink, Green and Pink
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Grown during late spring/ summer


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