Nature’s red pom-poms

The mercury levels have augmented, juicy watermelons have filled the markets, the mangoes have appeared again, prone towards cool liquids have increased indicating the arrival of summer. As the heat waves set the temperature high, going out in burning summer is a tedious task. In case you are going out in a two wheeler then you definitely don’t wish to move out in this season.

Living in Bengaluru, the signs of summer are getting subjugated everyday. When I go out in this burning hot environment, I look up to areas where there is shade. Certain roads in the city are covered with century old trees which forms a canopy and cease the harsh rays of the sun. Then there is the annual red bloom that happily takes a kickstart in april and stays till first quarter of June. Since my childhood, I have been mesmerized by the beauty of vermilion bound May flower.Β On another casual day, on my just another outing in the city, under the boiling noon I again got bewitched. In a stretch as far as the eyes could see, various shades of red-hued pom poms were dazzling here-and-there in the canopy. Yes, the enchanting May Flowers have arrived painting the city with distinct hues of red.

The bloom of Royal Poinciana is restricted to the months of April-June in the Indian subcontinent and indicate the hot flares of the sun hitting the Earth. Royal Poinciana commonly called as May Flower or Gulmohar in India adds beauty to the surroundings wherever it blooms covering the area with its distinct shades of red.

Royal Poinciana flowers close-up look

I was riding with my friend in the 3rd main road, Sadashivnagar which connects to CV Raman road. So, this particular lane runs along the borders of Sankey Tank which is a huge lake in Bengaluru. As we were riding, at a distance of 50 yards away, I found a full bloom Royal Poinciana standing tall adding bright hues to the area. Being a nature enthusiast, I stopped for a while, clicked some pictures of the bright red flowers and admired their rivet beauty.Again, as I resumed on the road, I found the red patches blossoming happily in the tree in many parts of the city.

Near Sankey Lake, Bengaluru
Flamboyant display of flowers



Being an admirer of the bountiful Royal Poinciana, I would always love to see the flamboyant display of flowers, ruling the area where they blossom. I have a strong wish that these trees should be planted in a row along the streets so that we can celebrate the prolific bloom and enjoy the marvels of nature. During off season, these trees are densely populated with leaves which provide shade. Also, the other trees in the city which forms a canopy providing shade to the streets should be thanked as well. It is impossible to bear direct sunlight attacking your skin whenever you are out. I actually experienced this in a traffic signal junction where there were no trees. Waiting for an odd 100 seconds for the green light was like placing myself inside an operating microwave. Coming to those areas covered with lush trees, the effect of sun is barely felt. I wish the trees get saved, keeping the environment cool and the planet remains green so that life exists for many more centuries.

Save trees, retain greenery πŸ™‚

Additional details:

  • Royal Poinciana: Flowering Plant
  • Scientific Name : Delonix Regia
  • Common name : May Flower/ Gulmohar/ Flamboyant tree.

P. S. : The photos have been shot only for representational purposes.


































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