Coffee indulgence by the waterfront

I was in Ernakulam on a sunday evening. Happening to be a part of my trip, after cruising over fort kochi for a couple of hours and after getting down at the boat jetty I was craving for a dose of caffeine to light up my mind. Being my maiden visit to Ernakulam and Kochi, I had null idea about any cafe’s in the area. I was strolling through the marine drive walkway and my feet paused when I found a houseboat by the side. Yes, there was a cafe which looked exactly like a houseboat from outside. The cafe was compact with two floors and limited seating. Happily, I went in and climbed the stairs that was twisted around a pole and found a wooden table and bench for myself facing the waters.

As I laid my back against the seat, stretched out my legs and relaxed my body, the delightful cup of porcelain arrived in my table. The authentic south Indian filter coffee was served in its best porcelain cup and saucer. A perfect blend of frothed milk with decoction obtained by brewing finely ground coffee powder results in delightful filter coffee that can lighten up your mood. Wow, the magic this drink creates is that with every sip you tend to indulge more and more in the flavors and aroma of coffee bean. With a spectacular view to watch out with the hot cup of coffee in my hands the heaven was right there.

Filter coffee served in cup and saucer with a view behind

From my seat, I could probably grab the best view of fort Kochi. The panoramic view had too much of awesomeness to look out for. The Indian Navy vessels, the cargo ships, the lavish cruises anchored by the harbour, the Chinese fishing nets at a distance in fort kochi, the mini cruises gliding through the waters, the cruises embracing the vast ocean as they move out of the harbour into the waters, the overall scene was a marvellous delight for the eyes. To add more beauty to the scene, the sun was going off the horizon painting the evening sky with dozens of shades of orange amalgamating with the shades of blue. With such a breathtaking view outside, sitting in the cafe sipping the authentic flavorful filter coffee was a great delight.

View from Marine drive walkway

Sipping every gulp of my coffee with the creamy froth sticking my lips, the caffeine hitting my brain, viewing the spectacular fort kochi I felt refreshed and relaxed as I drank my coffee. The picturesque fort kochi at the eyesight, a cup of hot filter coffee in hand, watching the shores of the port as the sun dropped off the horizon, life couldn’t get any better that evening. Also, for a short eat I chose ripened banana fritters which was yummy going in my tummy. As I emptied the contents, the sky had already turned blackish blue for the arriving night. A simple cup of humble coffee in a normal cafe rejuvenated me, definitely not a daily thing for a person who lives in the land locked city. Happy and content, I left the beautiful place with my best memories of coffee:)

Fort Kochi

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