Trekking in the steeps of Savandurga

Will I be able to climb the precipitate hill in my canvas sneakers 😦 ? Will I finish the trek successfully or accept the defeat by returning back half way disappointed? So, what actually happened later is in the story below.

Savandurga from the bottom

I was gazing at the hill to be conquered positioned in front of me from the parking lot. After a cheerful morning bike ride, I was high on enthusiasm to begin my trek for the day. The hill looked manageable to conquer and return within a duration of around four hours from the spot where I stood. Before I set my feet next, I filled my tummy with spicy churmuri ( local snack). Behind the food cart was the way made through the forest to reach the foot of the hill. As the hill did not look of much height, I moved in slowly through the woods and reached the foothill just to see the steep hill in front of me.

As the hill was steep enough, I started placing my steps having a grip on the floor. Not beyond 100 steps, I slipped when I placed my feet on the wet rock and few seconds later I felt the rock hitting my body. Yet, being highly determined I started off with a bang. Exposing to the sun, as the sweat dripped down from the skin, I moved ahead having a look at the cactus, forming the main vegetation of the hill. Also, to see away, every height had a promising view. After certain height without any steps to climb or any grill to hold on, the trek turned out to be a challenging one.

I still remember a point where I struggled to cross a rock as it was precipitous and I climbed the rock with great efforts after two to three trials. As I sighed and sat down to take a break, I found a beautiful patch of water at a distance. As the trek resumed, I had to stop by as I found something very much precipitous on my way. As I lifted my head to view the huge steep almost raised at around 75 degrees, I felt that the trek had turned very challenging. I found few goats and their kids climbing the hill with ease. Probably, the hill was home to them. I also found those villagers who were climbing the hill with greater ease that also holding a baby in their arms. Trust me, these things motivated me and powered me up to climb the rock. Thus pushing myself, I climbed up and at a point I had to even rely on my hands for support. Luckily in that steep, few acorn-grinding pits were carved to have hold on the rock while climbing. Once covered, I could grab a better view; a bit microscopic of that found from the bottom. Later, the trek turned out to be ease as we ascended further.

Precipitous much !!!

After climbing through the steeps and reaching certain height, I found an old ruined watch point built by bricks. This led to some serious worm running in my brain. How strong were the people back in those times to carry bricks up and build something at that edge like a watch tower? Well, anyways the hiking later turned out to be mere walking as we reached close to the peak. Strolling through the plains and woods, I reached the final raising which upon climbing, the hill would be conquered. As I was holding rocks for support during climbing, I also discovered the garden lizards camouflaging with the rock sticking onto them.

As the clock showed 04:00 pm in the evening, we had reached the top. The hilltop has a mini open gopuram (dome) inside which resides a statue of Nandi (Bull). Again wondering, building a mini monument at the hilltop might have been a habit by then who ruled the area. The gopuram had great carvings and the Nandi was beautifully carved as well. Woah, the artisans who lived by then deserve a bow. Surpassing the steep trails and later building a structure at the top of the hill made me feel exceptional about the people back then.

view from the top
The Nandi Gopuram

After sweating off completely, sighing for minutes, reaching the hill top gave me bliss with the spectacular view it offered. Every minute ran during my time on the peak. As my trek was during the beginning of monsoon, the sky was filled with milky clouds making the look more eye-catching. The blue sky filled with cotton like clouds and to contrast with that the green fields at the bottom was making the view beyond beautiful. One thing that is unique to the peak of savandurga is the view of the amoeba shaped Manchanabele Dam from the top. The bluish water spread over the area surrounded by greenery looks mesmerizing. Trust me, this reservoir definitely made the view from the top exceptional. Watching the panoramic view and indulging in absorbing the beauty of it I couldn’t get enough of the scenery.


Moments like these when you feel serene at the peak gives contentment for burning energy and reaching the top. The feel of contempt is out of this world, which has to be felt and cannot be explained. Later, with the accomplished happy mind I started returning back. As I moved down, the view was getting more zoomed in and macroscopic. Since I had to get down safely, I couldn’t stay up for the sunset. As I moved down, again at a steep I was about to slip and fall to some depth but luckily my friend caught me. We came down chilling around enjoying every view, clicking pictures, climbing trees, making merry. By the time I got down completely, the sky had turned dark welcoming the moon and the stars.


Hiking this hill had a lot of challenges but these slippery precipitous rock without any carved steps made my expedition more thrilling and gave me an adrenaline rush. If the hiking was easy, probably it would have washed away from my memories. The more tougher it gets, the more thrilling it can get.

Key Details:

  • Savandurga is located at a distance of around 56 kilometers from Bengaluru, India.
  • Hiking can be fatal during rainy seasons.
  • As no food/beverages are available during hiking except for the overpriced soft drinks, it is suggested to carry water bottle, some snacks and energy bars in your bag.
  • Advisable to go in a group as the route up to the peak can be confusing at times.
  • If you are a beginner at hiking/ trekking, then consider starting your trek by morning itself.

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