The Pine trees and the starry night

Painting is something that soothes my mind. Shades of blue depict coolness to me. I also fancy hill-side slopes. The fern tress or the pine trees that grow along the steeps amplifies the beauty creating a postcard scene. I have tried to capture something similar in my water color painting. Few pine tress along the steeps of a hillside region on a starry night in my art is presented here. If you like it, hit like 🙂 If you have any inputs or feedback, please comment them 🙂

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Hues of Sunset in watercolors

Sunset is one of the best sightings of the day. It is natural mixing of colors in a palette, the Sky. As the Sun dissolves, the shades of orange and yellow meddle with the blues of the sky creating colorful shades dispersing across the horizon. Such a beautiful view gets even more enhanced when a tree is in the foreground. One such view has been captured in my water color painting.

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Cardinal Bird

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I always fascinate drawing birds and colouring them with color pencils. Here in frame is the reddish brown coloured cardinal bird sitting on a bark.

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Watercolor houseboat in the scenic backwaters

The handcrafted houseboats in the serene backwaters of kerala is like watching a painting. The captivating beauty of the scene was picture perfect to add hues to my paper. Art works like these inspiring out of the places you visit are treasured forever. Every time I look at my art, all those moments spent on the wooden houseboat in enchanted backwaters of  Alleppey will be remembered. So, I have painted the scene using watercolor which is featured here.


For the entire details and story of my  experience in a houseboat and the backwaters, refer link Embracing the backwaters in a houseboat

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Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning. Light up my lantern and brighten the world.


The age old lantern in my paper. This lantern is also known as Petromax.  This art piece looks better when viewed from a distance in real. Featured here is a water color painting.

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Walls that Inspire

I strongly believe that every piece of art should have a story of its own. This piece of art has a story associated with it as well. Here is the story linked with more of my daily routine. While traveling anywhere I make it a point to extract the beauty of what I get to see and record them in my memories. So on my daily commute to office in the morning, I depart my place around 07:40 am and my cab usually navigates through M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Manipal Center and old airport road. As soon as my cab arrives near the stadium around 08:00am I always look around as this area has a lot of greenery as there is cubbon park right next to the stadium.

As we move ahead we get the army base camp for a long stretch. I usually sleep in the cab and in case I am awake, I will be peeping out of the window. So, one such day when my eyes were kinda open, I was near Manekshaw Parade ground traffic signal at that time. As the cab left, after reaching a 500 yards ahead on Cubbon road, the engine stopped at Manipal Center traffic signal. I was looking out, towards my right and my eyes widened. I guess the building I saw is probably army quarters, but what caught my eyes are it’s block wall fence. The wall was simply beautiful. The patterns that the wall had been painted with; added beauty to the street actually. I must say, this wall remains as one of my favorites in the entire city. The total area looks so beautiful indeed. This wall made me fall in love with the city again. The combination of canary yellow and brick red color of the wall did not just remain for my views.

Water color painting of the wall


I have been doing paintings based on old doors, windows and walls these days. So, I got this random thought that why don’t I paint something that’s so beautiful in my city. Why cannot I give a shot at painting  by taking inspiration from the walls of Bengaluru and highlight the beauty of it. Also, what made me love the wall is that at few places, there are trees in background which amplifies the entire view. Thus, I went ahead and painted the block wall fence with those trees in the background. Now, every time I see my painting, my mind goes back to the beautiful wall near Manipal Center, Bengaluru.

So, in case if you are in Bengaluru and if you are wandering in and around MG road, then if at all you pass by Manipal Center, give some seconds to observe and you can find this beautiful wall flaunting those patterns in brick red color.

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I always wanted to paint a window box just for the reason that they look so bright and colorful for my eyes. I believe adding little bit of flowers adds to its beauty. I took an additional step and added a bicycle as well which is parked in front of the window. This is my first ever attempt in painting window box with those old walls. I hope I will be able to paint better ones in the future.

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How about a bunch of bougainvillea falling down from the edges of the roof🌸🌸🍀🍀 , These pink leaves and those tiny white flowers enclosed within, altogether in a group of thousands they add beauty to the world😘😘😍

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Blue-and-yellow Macaw. This is a large South American parrot with blue top parts and yellow under parts which is not seen in my art. It is a member of the large group of neotropical parrots known as macaws. Featuring here is a color pencil art of the same.

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