Road trip in the monsoon

Traveling in monsoon has been my favorite since 2013. Mangaluru is my all-time getaway. As my best friend also lives there, I visit this city quite often. Thus, on one of my visits back in June 2016, we girls made a random plan to go on a road trip. We were done with our grad school and before entering into our profession, we badly needed a break and what’s more better than getting connected with the nature. My favorite monsoon had arrived as well. So, the engine revved and the trip started.

We traversed through Udupi in NH-66 and after a while we stopped by Maravanthe Beach.Β This particular beach appears by the side of NH-66 itself with a river on the other side.

Maravanthe Beach

After relaxing for a while, we resumed our journey back into the track of NH-66. Our next place of visit was Murudeshwara. After a drive for about 2 hours, we reached Murudeshwara which is covered by water on three sides. After visiting the beautiful spot, we headed to our next destination, Gokarna. On the way, we also visited a temple called as Idagunji dedicated to Hindu deity Lord Ganesh. Later, it was post afternoon and the sun had fallen into its off the horizon mode. By the time we reached Om beach in Gokarna it was dusk. So, we paid a visit to Mahabaleshwara temple in Gokarna town and called it off for the day. (I will be discussing Gokarna in detail soon)

The weather was completely humid next day with slight drizzle. We left Gokarna early in the morning and set forth our drive into the woods of Uttara Kannada, Karnataka. Our destination was Yana, but on the way we happened to visit a waterfall named as Vibhuti Falls. As it was rainy season, the water was falling down the rock in full swing. Later we visited Yana, known for its unusual rock formations. These places are completely inside the dense woods and thinking of a public transport to visit these places is big NO. It was very hard for us to find any petrol pump or even some food for ourselves. So, if you are visiting make sure to pack sufficient food for yourselves.


The road was pretty good with zero traffic indeed and we drove through the forest for almost a couple of hours getting totally connected with the moist nature. Next in list was the world famous Jog Falls which is 100 odd kilometers away from Yana. For some food and fuel, we traversed through the Sirsi town and directed ourselves to Jog Falls. On the way, we could spot few streams running with fresh water where we stopped by, played in water and enjoyed the pour down of the season. As the sun was above our head, we reached Jog Falls. Even though there were lots of showers in that season, waterfalls had scanty of water. So, when you travel in and around Jog falls, you get to find lots of pineapple sellers by the side of the road probably as they grow it around in the surroundings.

Jog Falls

While driving back to mangaluru, we decided to get some essence of Agumbe as well. We drove all the way up to the peak of Kundadri hills. The moment we reached there, the sky was drizzling, the clouds had blocked all the view up there. We could barely see anything, maybe for a couple of seconds we managed to see the view of the fields down when the clouds were moving as the winds took them off. It was very cool like that of inside a refrigerator. We paid our visit to the Jain Basadi over there and departed.

The actual struggle we faced was while climbing down the hairpin bends of Agumbe. As the monsoon was at its peak, the clouds and the fog had blocked the way completely. The visibility was very very poor for even 1o meters away. Even though there are a lot of view points in Agumbe, we couldn’t have a view at all. Everything was completely blocked by dense clouds. After a lot of struggle, we managed to reach the foot of Agumbe safely. Crossing those hairpin bends was such an adventure that evening. So, to sum up, this was one hell of a trip. The dense moist woods and the thick fog was amazing to watch and feel the wet nature. Trust me, tripping in rainy season is really adventurous. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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